Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good lard, Rob's got even bigger

Photo thanks to Lindsay, story thanks to Kaula both at rwap and thanks so much. The Sun is banned at my school

Good lard, Rob's got even bigger THAT’S a cracking set of man baps lardy ROBBIE WILLIAMS has cultivated in the past couple of years. The pop nob showed off his barrel belly and moobs while on holiday in Mexico with pals — and gave snappers a clear message. See more of wobbly Williams by clicking on the link below. To give his pot extra prominence Robbie even wore a pair of, gulp, speedos. Dear, oh dear, oh dear. He looks like he did in the Old Before I Die era — but this time he is off the ale. Rob had stunning girlfriend AYDA FIELD wrapped around his bulk as they relaxed in the pool. He has been putting his feet up while his label EMI are left to sweat on the arrival of his next album — even though he is on a lucrative contract. At least he’s shaved off his ridiculous beard.

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mandaree said...

If you are true Robbie Williams fans then you shouldn't focus on his weight. You should focus on the voice and the man he truly is. I've read over many of the posts and this blog seems to be a high school hallway full of gossip and rumors. As soon as someone doesn't appeal to you anymore you point fingers and insult them. How dare you call this blog "Robbie Williams Fan Blog" if you are going to do nothing but blast him?