Friday, May 9, 2008

Where Is Robbie Williams? (thanks to Geraldine @ rwap)

From - there are pics and videos at the link Where Is Robbie Williams? Robbie Williams has ditched pop stardom for a secluded life scanning the skies for UFOs in Los Angeles. He’s loving aliens instead… It’s been over 18 months since 34-year-old Robbie Williams, serial chart-topper and heartthrob, entertained us. After the release of Rudebox and his record-breaking 59-date Close Encounters world tour, Rob saddled up and galloped into obscurity. Since then, the star has been chilling in America, playing a bit of football, and growing a big beard. But his spare time isn't taken up writing songs for his next pop comeback, it's watching the skies for extra terrestrial activity! What’s going on with Robbie? Music career on hold It’s fair to say that Rudebox wasn’t Robbie’s finest hour. Lots of reviews, and quite a few fans, branded it rubbish. But Robbie’s not the first big star to have a career slump (isn’t that right, Britney?) and he certainly won’t be the last. Now would be the perfect time for Rob to put that record behind him and get working on a new one (ideally without trying to rap this time). But sadly, it’s not as simple as that. Robbie is on an unofficial strike from his record label as a result of some unpopular decisions made by EMI’s new boss, Guy Hands. Radiohead quit the label last year and Kylie Minogue is said to be unhappy too. Another reason for Rob's extended break is exhaustion: “I’ve put out 10 albums in 10 years and it takes its toll,” he said. “I definitely wouldn’t go on a tour that was more than about a month. I’m just not built for it.” And it's not like Robbie need to work to pay the bills – he recently ranked 28th on The Sunday Times’ list of Britain’s top 50 music millionaires, sitting just behind Simon Cowell and the Osbournes. The quiet life Understandably, after having cameras pointed in his face for most of his young adult life, Robbie now enjoys the relative peace and quiet of LA where he’s not very famous at all, which is why, as he explains, he wouldn’t move back to the UK at the moment: “I think situations would probably have to change,” he said. “If I based myself in England it would mean that I don’t sell records anymore. I wouldn’t be in a country that has the tabloids that we do... I’m not famous here. I can go out and do everything I want here, and that’s lovely.” She's the one After years of jumping into and out of beds, struggling to find a meaningful relationship, Robbie seems to be the most settled he’s ever been with girlfriend Ayda Field. The 28-year-old American actress, who starred in the More 4 series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, supported the star when he went into rehab last year to battle an addiction to prescription drugs. Friends of the former Take That star say that Ayda is the reason he’s put on weight – because he’s so relaxed! “Robbie has made it clear he’s put his showbiz life on hold,” a mate said. “He doesn’t need to remain trim for any professional reason, so he’s let himself go. He’s really happy with Ayda and being content can lead to weight gain.” Football success Robbie has always loved his football, but after moving to Los Angeles fulltime five years ago, he immersed himself in the game more than ever before. In 2005, Rob bought a pitch and formed a team with ex-pats and fellow celebs, which he named LA Vale. He spent over a year developing and managing the team, and they soon found themselves at the top of the LA Premier League. But just when it looked like Rob would soon be swapping post-match shirts with his mate David Beckham in the big leagues, the team disbanded over an argument about money. The truth is out there Robbie’s new passion, or some would say obsession, is UFOs and alien abductions. He’s travelled across America to UFO conventions, spoken with abductees and scientists, and he owns hundreds of books and DVDs on the subject. And now, according to reports, he is considering spending £2.5 million on an observatory of his own in the desert outside Los Angeles. Rob went public about his new interest when he teamed up with journalist Jon Ronson to make a Radio 4 documentary on their experiences at a UFO convention. In Journey to the Other Side, the pair travel to Nevada to hear testimonies of alien abductions and perhaps witness a paranormal event or two. Robbie also revealed that he’s seen UFOs a few times himself – once as a child, then again while lying on a sun-lounger in LA, and more recently while listening to a song he’s written about alien contact, called Arizona. “A big ball of gold light turned up,” he said. “We thought it was Venus or Mars, but when the track stops playing, it disappears. When Arizona was turned back on again, the ball came back and it happened four times.” During a recent radio interview alongside Joss Stone, Robbie also admitted he sometimes contemplates quitting music altogether and make a career out of his new obsession. “Seriously, I want to go out and investigate UFOs. I’m stopping being a pop star; I want to be a fulltime ufologist.” Nice to hear you’re enjoying yourself, Robbie. But, like your mate ET, maybe you could phone home now and again? We miss you back here in Blighty! Should Robbie stay in LA and while away his days watching for UFOs, or move back to Britain and relaunch his music career?_________________

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