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Robbie Williams shuns spotlight

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008: (London) :

British pop star Robbie Williams, who has put his showbiz life on hold, has gained a lot of weight.

Williams hasn't recorded any new material or toured in quite some time and has really put on some weight. Earlier in the year, he hinted that he would not put out any album this year and just might retire for good.

He said, "You won't be seeing a lot of me for a while. The more I'm away from public life, the more I like it."

According to a source, "Williams has made it clear he's put his showbiz life on hold. He doesn't need to remain trim for any professional reason, so he's let himself go. He's also really happy with Ayda Field and being content in that area can also lead to weight gain."

Williams has of late become obsessed with UFOs and believes they exist.

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You ain't nothing but a round hog

Published: Today

CHUNKY ROBBIE WILLIAMS is turning into a double of his hero ELVIS as he piles on the pounds during his showbiz retirement.

The troubled star, 34, revealed a bloated face and bulging paunch as he played golf with his family and actress girlfriend AYDA FIELD, 28, in California.
He is a devoted fan of the rock and roll legend, who died a portly junk food addict — he has “Elvis Grant Me Serenity” tattooed on a shoulder.
Now he is even starting to look like him.

Former Take That singer Robbie’s weight has yo-yoed throughout his career and he has battled drink and drugs.
See Robbie's weight yo-yoing, and more pics of the star with his girlfriend by clicking on the link below.

But he has never been further from the image that won him millions of female admirers.
The Los Angeles-based star recently told fans there would be no new album this year and has hinted at retiring for good.
A source revealed yesterday: “Robbie has made it clear he’s put his showbiz life on hold.
“He doesn’t need to remain trim for any professional reason, so he’s let himself go.

“He’s also really happy with Ayda and being content in that area can also lead to weight gain.”
Robbie now devotes his time to investigating aliens and UFOs — and is convinced they exist.
He recently revealed: “You won’t be seeing a lot of me for a while. The more I’m away from public life, the more I like it.”

Rotund Robbie Williams gains a few pounds... and a new girl Williams recently claimed that he was to give pop to become a full-time ufologist (someone who studies UFOs) - but he has clearly found interests closer to Earth.

Fatty food, by the looks of his expanded girth, and a brunette called Suzanna.

The now portly singer, 34, who is worth an estimated £130m, was recently spotted cosying up with his new love interest Studio City in LA after a game of golf with family members.

He met the 26-year-old talent agency account executive through mutual friends at the Beverly Hills Country Club. They have been dating for just over four months.

A source said: “ really likes her. They are taking it slow at the moment to see how things go but they have been out for a few low-key dinners at STK and Maestros in recent weeks.
" likes to be a private person, so sometimes prefers having dinner with her at home. She has visited him at his house in the Hollywood Hills.

“He is smitten with this one and people are saying that she could be the one." has been linked to a string of ladies over the years, including Rod Stewart's ex Rachel Hunter.

*******Suzanna? Account Exec?*******WTF? Bad reporting? *******Kelly's comments

Video: See a very chunky Robbie Williams pucker up with his girlfriend

Video: See a very chunky Robbie Williams pucker up with his girlfriend
By Jody Thompson, (Video: Splash News) 29/04/2008

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(What's this?)He's always struggled with his weight - but now Robbie Williams seems to be spending his time off from being a rock star by eating. A lot.

The svelte star of old looks long gone in the video below as he sneaks a quick kiss with his girlfriend Ayda Field after a game of golf with family members in Studio City, California.

It looks like Robbie tried to make the kiss as quick as possible so no one would see. We're only surprised that Ayda could get her arms round him to get a snog.

Click below to see our sneak peek of the rather tubby former Take That star.

Robbie Williams To Team Up With Derren Brown

According to The Daily Star, via, Robbie Williams has signed on to have Derren Brown give him a “mind reading” tutorial. We cannot find the article online but it may mean that we can expect Williams on the new season of Trick or Treat which is rumored to be celebrity heavy.

Posted by Editor on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 5:43 pm

Robbie Williams To Team Up With Derren Brown

According to The Daily Star, via, Robbie Williams has signed on to have Derren Brown give him a “mind reading” tutorial. We cannot find the article online but it may mean that we can expect Williams on the new season of Trick or Treat which is rumored to be celebrity heavy.

Posted by Editor on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 5:43 pm

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Gerard Butler Rears His Ugly Truth

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Gerard Butler struts his sexy self onto the set of The Ugly Truth in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.
Gerry, 38, arrived on the set with his pug, Lolita. Co-star and Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl cruised around set with–what else–a cigarette in hand.
The Ugly Truth, out 2009, is about a romantically challenged morning show producer (Heigl) reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent (Butler) to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.

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Gerard Butler Shows Us What It's Like to Work with Katherine Heigl

Gerard Butler made this face when reporters asked him what it's been like working with Katherine Heigl on the new rom-com, 'The Ugly Truth,' which is still in production in LA. Of course, I'm just kidding. He's probably reacting to a question about his love life, which has been the subject of quite a bit of speculation as of late. First, he was romantically linked to Cameron Diaz and now 'Dancing with the Stars' hoofer Cheryl Burke is flapping her jaws about their romantic (or not) encounters. Gerard needs a lady love who's not in the business. Someone who know how important discretion is. Someone, perhaps? I'm just saying.

Miley Cyrus apologizes for sexy photos

Okay, this is majorly off topic, but I've been watching this story come about for the past week or so. I would say that I'm shocked and suprised, but I'm not. She's 15 and a typical teenager. If she was just Billy Ray's daughter or that HM hadn't become the hit it has, this would be no big deal. I guess what bothers me is that my daughter idolizes Miley Cyrus.

Regarding the photos on the Internet, Cyrus said these were "silly,
inappropriate shots" and she was sorry if she had disappointed anyone.
"I appreciate all the support of my fans, and hope they understand that along the
way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect," she said.
"Most of all, I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey."
Late last year, some candid photos of Cyrus frolicking with a female friend during a sleepover raised some eyebrows. She said at the time that there was "nothing
wrong" with those photos.
Cyrus rocketed to fame as "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel's TV show of the same name about a girl who leads a double life
as a teenager and singing sensation."Hannah Montana" ranks first among TV
series of U.S. cable television for children aged 6 to 14. Her concert tour last
year, "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds" was a sensation,
sparking a 3D movie that topped the box office chart.
(Writing by Belinda
Goldsmith, Editing by Dean Goodman)

Robbie Williams: Through The Years

Click here for a look at Robbie through the years from Capital radio

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Heigl and Butler, Ugly on the Weekends

While everybody else is working for the weekend (hey there, Loverboy fans), Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl are working on the weekend.Yesterday, the hot co-stars were spotted filming their upcoming flick "The Ugly Truth." Even though they were seated within inches of each other in between takes, the two preferred to keep to their respective reading material than to chat with each other. And we completely understand this choice. It was (and is) blazing in Los Angeles. With Katherine and Gerard being incredibly hot regardless of the weather, any interaction between the two, added to the already uncomfortably warm temperature, could just make the heat situation get out of control.So, read away. And don't dare you speak, lest we find ourselves in a situation similar to this one.
Soooo... here's the final proof that the beard has disappeared! (though, thanks to cali, we already knew, i found it kind of hard to envision it ) Seems like Ayda is rather enjoying the disappearance, too! thanks to luisa @ rwap (her comments above)


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Gillian McKeith: 'I can help Robbie'

TV nutritionist Gillian McKeith has revealed that she wants to help Robbie Williams change his diet.In an interview with DS, the You Are What You Eat presenter said: "I'd like to get my hands on Robbie Williams. I have a lot of experience working with people who are probably a bit like him."McKeith admitted to being a fan of Williams but felt a change in his eating habits could do wonders for his career."I love his music so it would be nice to talk to him about that but he seems like someone I could really help in all kinds of ways. We all know that he had a drug problem and I've had quite a bit of success with addictions."

Gerard Butler Salutes the Youth

Actor Gerard Butler attends The 23rd Annual “Salute to Youth” Benefit And Venetian Masquerade at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday.
At the benefit, Gerard presented an award to honoree Ryan Kavanaugh.
Gerard has been rumored to be dating Dancing with the Stars‘ Cheryl Burke, but she shot down those rumors on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM morning show.
The 38-year-old actor can be seen this October in RocknRolla as One Two, a street-smart mobster who runs a real estate scam that makes millions and draws the attention of London’s criminal underworld.

more images here

Robbie Williams: Reluctant Sex Symbol

These days, an artist has to be extraordinary and multi-talented to make their name known. One of the most remarkable contemporary musicians is Robbie Williams. His unique face, charismatic personality, and sweet but sexy music style have made him one of the highest earning UK solo musicians of all time.
As millions of fans around the world already know, Robbie Williams started his career as part of the sensational boy band Take That. In the early 1990s, the five talented members of Take That wowed the UK and the rest of the world. Robbie was set to become a giant among pop musicians even at that early stage of his career.
When Take That broke up in 1996, fans all over the globe were stunned. Fans in the UK, especially young girls, were prone to fits of crying and hysteria for weeks after the announcement. The group had been described as the biggest British music act since the Beatles, and their breakup was met with just as much shock and dismay as that of the Beatles.
Fans of Robbie Williams didn’t need to fret for long, though: he launched a solo career in 1996. His first successful solo single was a cover of George Michael’s “Freedom,” and reached the number two spot on the UK charts.
Unfortunately, a life in show business had a similar effect on Robbie to many artists before him. He began to struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, his weight climbed, and he was referred to in the media as unstable and depressed. Eventually Robbie entered rehab to get control of his problems and get his life in order.
Substance abuse and depression were not the only factors that made his solo career start off on a rocky path. After being in a band with four other members, Robbie struggled to find his own musical voice. Not long after the release of his first album, critics wrote his career off as finished for good.
Robbie Williams went on to prove that you can’t keep a good man down. Following his stay in rehab, his fortunes turned around. The release of his album’s fourth single, “Angels,” was met with acclaim all around the world. This song is still thought by many people to be the one that saved Robbie’s career.
On the heels of his first solo album’s success, Robbie released six more studio albums along with several live albums and special compilations. His popularity was and is concrete in the UK, with a fan base made up of both loyal Take That fans from the 1990s and new fans who weren’t around for the first leg of Robbie’s career.
This charming man is the heartthrob of many a teenage girl in the UK and Europe, but he has never found much success in the American market. Despite living in Los Angeles, Robbie’s attempts to make an impression on the United States have been much less successful than he had hoped. Don’t feel bad for Robbie, though: he has been quoted as saying that he enjoys the anonymity of living in LA, whereas in the UK he would never be allowed to walk down the street without being mobbed by fans.
Robbie’s current life and career continue to be as tumultuous and unpredictable as his early days. In early 2007, he underwent another stay in a rehab facility, this time for an anti-depressant addiction. He has been very open about his struggles with depression and has never denied that he has been treated for the condition.
Robbie Williams may be so popular because he refuses to fit into the mold of a typical pop star. He is at once wholesome and naughty; arrogant and insecure; outspoken and demure; sweet and sexy. His music often reflects his battles with the media and his surprise at being considered a sex symbol.
There’s no doubt that Robbie’s status as a legendary British musician has been secured. His success has been won through a lot of hard work and perseverance. What can you expect from Robbie in the future? If his career up to this point is any indication, we all know to expect the unexpected from this dynamic performer.

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Lust Hurts

Lust Hurts
Which of Cam Diaz's famous exes isn't faring too well in the gal department? Lindsay Lohan feels the pain of feeling no pain, and how's the possibility of marriage for Ellen and Portia lookin'? You'll just have to wait, babes! Sapphic love's delish, doncha know?
This! Is! Lame!
Just 'cause you’re treated like a VIP by all the trendy T-town clubs, it doesn’t mean all the gals and guys inside will gaze upon you as if you're royalty. Case in point: Gerard Butler and his bud were at the Tropicana Bar at the ritzy-butt Roosevelt Hotel in H'wood, enjoying a stud’s night out. Dude was dressed to the sorta-eights in black pants, ratty shoes more apropos for beers 'n' bowling and a fitted white Tee that would’ve been too pectoral-gazing even for Simon Cowell. G.B. also donned a scruffy five-o'clock job, a seriously messy mop of hair and bounced around the room, feelin' just a wee bit too pain-free. What a dreamboat, eh? Still pretty doable, though. 'Least he didn’t have that face he had in Phantom of the Opera, tho maybe a mask woulda helped cover up some of that blasted bedhead.
Ger-babe’s anticlassy antics continued when it appeared he was attempting to pick up two lovely ladies in the lounge. Sure, the guy’s a celeb, but his off-screen demeanor certainly has nothing on his onscreen persona. G.B. tried out some tried-and-trite classic pickup lines such as, “you must be an angel because you fell from heaven.” So say the pregagging gals present. Gosh, do some straight women actually like that stuff? I mean, isn’t that just the prick polar opposite (same diff, though) from the ol’, "OK, come over here and do me, bitch"? Just a thought. You het gals must let me in on that one.
Gerard did, however, make the women laugh uproariously. And no, not because they were hysterically swooning over the 300 thesp, but rather, because they were tragically embarrassed for him. Gerry laughed along, too, obviously not in on the joke at his expense—not to mention, the dude’s Scottish brogue was so thick it made it hard to understand half of what he was saying, besides the lame flirt parts. That’s simply tragic. You gotta work damn hard to make a sexy Scottish accent lose its appeal, especially with cocktail-consuming chicks dying to be hit on by anything remotely famous.
Gerard’s friend, tho, was every bit the witty hunk Ger-hon wasn’t, and the ladies would’ve gladly left in his company had Butler not eventually picked up on the girls’ interest in his less famous bud and left, taking his crushed pal along to sulk. We gotta wonder how G landed Cameron Diaz with an arsenal of antigame like that. Was it just the bod? Women are so shallow.

Gerard Butler Says No to Cameron Diaz and Cheryl Burke!

Gerard Butler is Hollywood’s latest lothario, but his leading ladies, Cameron Diaz and Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke, aren’t having much luck holding down the sexy Spartan.
We were triple smiley-faced over rumors that Gerard and Cameron were a couple, but before we could even mash their names together TomKat-style, the two were already reported as split. To our horror, Gerard was suddenly love-linked to DWTS lifer Cheryl Burke, after the two were spotted kissing at an Us Weekly event at Beso restaurant in LA.
We’re sorry, who??...and what??...and why?! Trading in Cameron Diaz for Cheryl Burke? That one smells like a Pop Fiction to us.
Fortunately Gerard’s latest love connection might actually be false, with Burke denying the relationship on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. “He actually lives in my apartment building,” she explained of her connection to Gerard. “And we’ve been friends for, you know, a few months.” She claims the kisses were just friendship kisses, saying “Everyone says hello and goodbye and kisses each other. Don’t you Ryan?”
Hmm, kissing Gerard Butler just as a friend? That cover is even worse than Nick Zano’s paparazzi pizza box. Although we’ve got our fingers crossed that Gerard isn’t with Cheryl and will find his way back to our beloved Cameron (otherwise our desktop collage of the two will just go to waste!), we’re not convinced that there isn’t more to the Cheryl Burke story.
We’ll keep you updated on any developments between the two, but in the meantime – Gerardiaz? Camerutler? We’ll keep working on it.



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Professional dancer CHERYL BURKE has had second thoughts about denying a romance with 300 hunk GERARD BUTLER, revealing they may become an item in the future.Burke recently ruled out romance between her and the Scottish star, insisting they were just good neighbours who lived in the same Los Angeles apartment block.But now Burke, who recently split from actor Joey Lawrence's brother Matthew, admits she and Butler were set up on a blind date by her Dancing With The Stars partner Christian de la Fuente.The dancer reveals, "He (Fuente) introduced us, trying to be all matchmaker (and) we went to dinner one night." The dinner went well because Burke is now considering a second date: "Possibly, maybe in the future. I don't know!"

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