Thursday, May 8, 2008


Those clean wholesome boys of telly, Ant and Dec, are a little tarnished this afternoon.
After being fingered for conning viewers of Saturday Night Takeaway in 2005 and 2006 out of millions of pounds, they have now handed back a British Comedy Award when they actually came second to Catherine Tate!
So the golden boys are a golden shower!
The trouble at the comedy awards happened because ITV cut into the broadcast of the live show with a news bulletin. Meanwhile, the show went on 'as live' and was shown in full after the news.
But the viewers hadn't been told that, and they continued to vote in the category in which Ant and Dec picked up their gong. Even though Catherine Tate was in the lead. Stinks, doesn't it?
And what's worse is that there's a suggestion ITV rigged the award because Robbie Williams - who was handing out the trophy - only agreed to do so if he could hand it out to Ant and Dec.
It's gets worse. Shame on Robbie for insisting this - and shame on ITV for agreeing to it.
And shame on Ant and Dec, whose careers will no doubt continue to flourish.
Indeed, see the cheekk Geordie chappies on Britain's Got Talent on ITV1 on Saturday night.
Yep, you and I would have been fired and ruined if we'd done such a thing.
There's one rule for them.....

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